Los Angeles Painkiller Addiction Treatment

When you’re the second biggest city in the United States, you are bound to have a significant number of drug addiction cases within your city limits.  Los Angeles certainly does, and few drugs have seen as rapid a rise in the past decade than prescription painkillers.   From the storied hills of Hollywood to the senior citizen homes of Westwood, addiction treatment centers and medical professionals agree that opiate painkiller use is on the rise within almost every demographic in the city.

Why is Painkiller Addiction a Growing Problem in Los Angeles?

There are several reasons why healthcare and law enforcement professionals are seeing a sudden rise in prescription painkiller addiction, but chief among them is access.  More than ever, individuals have greater access to powerful drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin.  The internet is certainly the chief culprit – with its thousands of illicit pharmacies from around the world - but Los Angeles doctors are also to blame.  California physicians are more willing than ever to dispense prescriptions for these highly addictive drugs – even for moderate pain diagnoses that might benefit from simple aspirin instead.

What are the Most Commonly Abused Painkillers in Los Angles?

According to addiction treatment professionals, the most commonly abused prescription painkillers in Los Angeles are:

  • Vicodin – the most commonly used prescription painkiller in the world.  Features strong euphoric effect that leads many to addiction.
  • OxyContin – a powerful, time-release pain medication that when abused (by either snorting or injecting) can cause fatal overdose because individuals are receiving all of the active ingredients at once.
  • Darvocet – a mixture of propoxyphene and acetaminophen that is used to combat mild to moderate pain.

Helping Admit a Loved One into Los Angeles Painkiller Treatment

When an individual is addicted to opiates like Vicodin and OxyContin, they are unlikely to admit that they have a problem, and even less likely to seek treatment on their own.  That means friends and family must fill the void and do everything possible to get the addicted individual into treatment.

For many, this means holding an intervention.  A drug intervention program is an opportunity to show the addicted individual how serious their problem has become – and how it is affecting those closest to them.   When these meetings work as planned, the individual can be taken into a treatment facility immediately thereafter.

Finding Los Angeles Painkiller Treatment

Throughout the city of Los Angeles and its surround areas are some of the finest painkiller addiction treatment centers in the world.  Whether an individual is looking for a luxurious residential rehab center is Malibu, or a high-end outpatient addiction treatment center in Santa Monica or Westwood, Los Angeles rehab centers can meet almost every need imaginable. 

The choice between residential and outpatient drug rehab comes down to issues of lifestyle and the seriousness of an individual’s condition.   Residential treatment is an ideal choice for those with a condition that requires round-the-clock supervision, or who need to be removed from their environment in order to achieve success.  Outpatient programs allow individuals to continue on with many aspect of their life during treatment, and are recommended for those with less-serious painkiller addictions.

Moonview Sanctuary is an outpatient addiction treatment facility located in Santa Monica, California.  From the heart of Los Angeles, Moonview offers unique, comprehensive treatment that combines tradition elements of Holistic care with cutting-edge neuroscience.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about the Addiction Treatment program.




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