Seven Things to Know About Los Angeles Outpatient Drug Treatment

Los Angles outpatient drug treatment programs have helped thousands of people from this major metropolitan area get proper care for their addiction without the need to live in a residential facility.    Outpatient drug treatment can be found throughout the city of Los Angeles and features many of the same core programs and processes as residential rehab, but is often much more accessible and can be more affordable.

The benefits of Los Angeles Outpatient Drug Treatment

  1. The ability to stay in school or on the job.  Many individuals continue on at work or stay in school in the midst of the fight against addiction.  Unlike residential programs, outpatient treatment gives people a chance to build a schedule that includes counseling and classes or work-shifts.
  2. A chance to stay connected with family or other support networks.  While many people need to get away from their environment in order to thrive in rehab, just as many others need to stay close to family and friends.  Trusted friends and loved ones can be a more active part of drug rehab if the program is outpatient rather than residential.  They can drive the individual to and from sessions, take them out for coffee and lend a supportive ear, or any other number of activities that show the individual in drug recovery that he or she is loved.
  3. More affordable.  Although the price varies across Los Angeles there is universal agreement that outpatient care costs less then residential drug treatment programs.  Outpatient programs do not carry the overhead of residential facilities and therefore will inherently cost less.
  4. More choices.  There may only be a handful of residential drug rehab facilities within a close distance of an individual’s home, but there are likely to be quite a few more programs that offer outpatient addiction treatment.
  5. Privacy.  Residential rehab programs take their client’s privacy very seriously.  But the fact still remains that you are there will a group of people you don’t know.  Many thrive in situations such as that, other who prefer their privacy may opt for outpatient treatment.
  6. Build discipline and accountability.   In an outpatient program, the individual is responsible for getting to their own appointments and counseling sessions.  For someone who has just gone through detox this can be a challenge, but if it good attendance is maintained, the recovering addict has an accomplishment of real substance on which to hang his hat.
  7. Treat all kinds of drug addiction.  Outpatient programs treat almost any type of drug addiction, including:  heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, painkillers, marijuana and many others.


Whether an individual chooses outpatient or residential treatment, the important thing is that call for help.  Putting one’s self in the hands of addiction treatment professionals is the most important first step.  What follows, from detox to counseling to after-care, will help the individual break free from the chains of addiction and start a drug-free life. 


Moonview Sanctuary offers drug addiction treatment from its outpatient facility in Santa Monica, California.  For more information about the Addiction Treatment programs at Moonview, contact them today for private consultation.




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