Los Angeles Marijuana Addiction Treatment

With its history of counter-cultural movements, proximity to the Mexican border and legalized medicinal pot programs, Los Angeles has always had an interesting relationship with marijuana.  And while use of the drug may have been glamorized by Hollywood over the years, the fact remains that thousands of LA residents are using the drug and cannot stop on their own – despite understanding the impact it is having on their health, relationships or career.
For these individuals, Los Angeles marijuana addiction treatment programs are there to help.

Is Marijuana Addiction Real?

Currently, drug addiction experts around the world are locked in a debate regarding whether or not marijuana is a physically/psychologically addictive drug.   While many individuals will argue that pot is not addictive, heavy, long-term marijuana use certainly features many of the same signs and symptoms found in other drug addictions, including:

  • Poor performance at work or school
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug
  • Malaise or lack of energy
  • Change in social behavior
  • Development of tolerance to the drug

And whether or not marijuana is ever termed as technically addictive, there is still potential danger for young people who begin using.  Several studies have now found that marijuana is indeed a gateway drug and that young people who smoke pot are several times for likely to abuse alcohol or experiment with “harder” drugs than those who do not.

What Happens During Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

The essential elements of marijuana addiction treatment include detox, counseling and aftercare.

  • Detox.  Marijuana detox helps the individual overcome the physical addiction to THC.  During drug detox the individual will stop taking marijuana, which may cause several withdrawal symptoms including:  mood swings, depression and anxiety.
  • Counseling.  Individual and group counseling sessions help the individual address the core issues behind their marijuana addiction.  In individual counseling, the patient works closely with his or her counselors to find solutions to their addiction problem, and learn how to make better decisions so that they can maintain sobriety after the program is over.
  • Aftercare.  Aftercare programs help the individual apply what they have learned during marijuana addiction treatment to life in the “outside world.”   The most common aftercare programs include 12-step support groups, follow up counseling and sober living.

The Unique Marijuana Environment in Los Angeles

While the debate regarding whether or not marijuana is addictive rages on in the halls of academia and the meeting rooms of addiction treatment centers, Los Angeles continues to be a unique player in the discussion.  Why?  For one thing, Los Angeles is home to many medicinal marijuana clinics.  These facilities are completely legal and allow the individual who has a doctor’s approval to come in and receive medicinal-grade marijuana.  This certainly creates a unique environment in which to help treat individuals who have become addicted to marijuana.
Also, the flow of marijuana up from Mexico means that the supply to Los Angles is always plentiful, creating more users simply by this increased access to the drug.
Moonview Sanctuary is home to one of the finest marijuana Addiction Treatment programs in the Los Angeles area.  From their outpatient facility in Santa Monica, the counselors and treatment staff at Moonview offers outpatient drug rehab for the men and women of California.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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