Los Angeles Holistic Drug Rehab

Los Angeles is a city that has always considered itself to be “enlightened” in many ways.  This is especially true in terms of the popularity of holistic medicine and treatments within the city.  More than almost any other place in the United States, residents of Los Angeles routinely take part in holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other spiritual pursuits.

Drug addiction treatment programs in the nation’s second largest city fall into this category as well.  Los Angeles Holistic Drug Rehab programs are those that incorporate these unique, age-old practices into some or all of their addiction treatment services.

Yoga and Holistic Drug Rehab

On several levels, yoga plays an important role in holistic drug rehab.  First, yoga helps the individual with their own physical wellness.  After years of drug addiction, the individual’s physical health has likely suffered in many ways.  The practice of yoga helps get the recovering addict back into good physical condition.   Second, yoga is about shutting out distractions and finding balance – practices that benefit all recovering addicts.  With temptation and “noise” around every corner, the individual can reap great rewards from the singular focus that yoga can help them achieve.

Meditation and Holistic Drug Rehab

Like yoga, meditation provides an opportunity for the recovering addict to find peace and focus during trying times.  Many Los Angeles holistic drug rehab programs will start each treatment day with a meditation session.  This gives the individual a chance to start each day fresh, and clear the negative thoughts in their head.   With meditation in the morning, there is a greater chance that the day’s counseling sessions will be more productive and enriching.

Spiritual Counseling and Holistic Drug Rehab

Many holistic drug rehab programs in Los Angeles provide a spiritual outlet for the individual who needs to reconnect with their own “higher power.”  These counseling sessions allow the individual to find strength in their religious beliefs – and use that strength to enjoy more success during rehab.  Those who are able to find solace in the spiritual life have been found to relapse less frequently, and put the lessons they have learned in rehab to better use in the “outside world.”

Where can Los Angeles Holistic Drug Rehab be Found?

Los Angeles residents looking for holistic care do not need to travel far from their homes to find it.  Many of the city’s finest addiction treatment programs feature holistic care.  Santa Monica, Malibu and West Los Angeles all play home to Holistic drug rehab programs designed to enhance the mind, body and spirit of the individual.

Moonview Sanctuary offers a combination of cutting-edge neuroscience and holistic care for recovering addicts through their Addiction Treatment program in Santa Monica, California.   The result of this unique combination is a program that gives equal weight to the mind, body and spirit – thus creating an all-around stronger individual who is ready to conquer drug addiction and return to a healthy, fulfilling life.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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