The Do's and Don'ts of Los Angeles Drug Rehab

Los Angeles drug rehab programs can be a life changing experience for motivated individuals who are seeking to break the cycle of addiction that has wreaked havoc on their lives.    If you are suffering from a serious drug addiction, you would be well served to consider a quality rehab program as a means of treatment.

But there are some things you should know before entering a Los Angeles rehab program.  The following information represents some helpful tips for before, during and after drug rehab.

The Do's and Don'ts of Los Angeles Drug Rehab

DO choose the program that best meets your lifestyle.  Residential drug rehab takes you out of your home environment and gives you in a place to focus solely on your recovery.  While this is an ideal solution for many people, some of us cannot afford to simply “drop everything” in order to pursue addiction treatment for a month or longer.   In that case, outpatient drug rehab may be a more appropriate choice.  Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab has you attended counseling during the day, but then returning home in the evening to be near your friends and family.

DON'T enter drug rehab with a bad attitude.  Individuals who enter drug rehab and “fight the system” from the word go are not going to get as much out of the program.  It takes a lot of energy to complete an addiction treatment program – and when that energy is wasted on putting up a fight against the very people who are trying to help you, the results are usually negative.

DO your homework before drug rehab begins.   It is always a good idea to read up about drug rehab before you enter a program.  This will help you know what to expect during treatment and give you a leg up on the best ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically for what is to come.

DON'T give up if you fail to succeed on your first try.  Rehab from drug addiction is one of the most challenging things you will ever do.  Some people simply don't make it through on their first, or even second attempt to achieve sobriety.  If this happens to you, the most important thing is to stay the course, work with rehab professionals to determine what went wrong, and then get started again as soon as possible.

DO remember that recovery does end with rehab.  Once your drug rehab program is complete, it is important to take part in recommended aftercare programs such as follow up counseling or 12-step groups (e.g. Narcotics Anonymous).  The idea behind aftercare is to help keep you on the right track once you have rejoined mainstream society as a recovering addict.  12 step programs provide support in the form of fellow recovering addicts and provide a place to go every week and track your progress.

Moonview Sanctuary is a Los Angeles drug rehab facility offering the latest in treatment modalities as well as holistic care to enrich the mind, body and spirit.  Located in Santa Monica, the Addiction Treatment program at Moonview helps every patient on a highly individualized level get well and move forward into a drug free life.





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