Los Angeles Cocaine Addiction Treatment

As one of the drugs that continues to permeate the Los Angeles community, cocaine is a potentially destructive substance that can severely damage a person’s health, as well as their personal relationships and financial standing.

Los Angeles cocaine addiction treatment programs help the individual defeat the psychological addiction and physical cravings for cocaine – and allow them to develop the skills needed to stay clean for the rest of their lives.

What Goes on in Los Angeles Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

There are three primary components to almost every Los Angeles drug rehab program:  detox, counseling and aftercare.  In the case of cocaine addiction, detox (removing toxins from the body) is an important step, but not as crucial as with other drugs.  This is because detox addresses the physical aspect of cocaine addiction – and most of the cravings for the drug and symptoms of withdrawal are more psychological in nature.

Psychological addiction issues are addressed during individual and group counseling.  This really forms the core of cocaine addiction treatment, as individuals are given a chance to talk openly and honestly about why they use cocaine, and develop tools and decision-making skills that will help shift their world view away from these behaviors.

The final component of cocaine addiction treatment is aftercare.  During aftercare programs, the individual learns how to adapt their new skills in the real world, and is also given access to follow-up treatment to help keep them on the right path.

The Difference Between Residential and Outpatient Treatment

There are two primary types of Los Angeles cocaine addiction treatment:  residential and outpatient.  When a patient signs on for residential treatment, they are asked to move into the rehab facility for a month or longer in order to accomplish all the goals and processes listed above.  Outpatient addiction treatment features the same type of work, but the individual takes part in the program during the day, and then is free to return home in evening.  Generally located in areas such as Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and downtown LA, outpatient cocaine addiction treatment provides more freedom for the individual who wishes to be near family, school or work during the rehabilitation process.

What is Different about Los Angeles Cocaine Treatment?

In addition to the features named above, many of Los Angeles’ finest cocaine addiction treatment programs also feature a holistic approach to care that is popular in many areas of the California treatment community.  Holistic care for cocaine addiction can include a variety of different techniques such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other age-old ways to elevate the spirit-mind-body connection.

Moonview Sanctuary offers outpatient cocaine addiction treatment located in the heart of Los Angeles – in Santa Monica, California.  Moonview is unique in that it combines cutting-edge treatment methodologies with holistic care to create a whole body approach that helps individuals break the cycle of addiction for the rest of their lives.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today and ask about their Addiction Treatment program.





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