Los Angeles Alcohol Addiction Treatment

As a major metropolis of several million people, Los Angeles is also home to thousands of alcoholics who would like nothing more than to get professional help for their problem.  Alcoholic addiction treatment programs help address the physical and psychological components of this very serious disease.  In Los Angeles these programs are available in several different forms and treatment modalities, all of which share a common goal:  to help the individual overcome the physical and psychological addiction to alcohol – and gain mastery over the tools that will help them maintain sobriety.

Different Types of Los Angeles Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Most alcohol addiction treatment centers provide three basic elements: detox, counseling and aftercare.  However, the manner in which these processes are delivered can vary greatly program-to-program.   Consider the following different types of addiction treatment in Los Angeles:

  • Residential Alcohol Rehab.  Residential alcohol treatment centers are live-in facilities where the individual receives round-the-clock care for their alcoholism.  The medical and counseling staff at residential programs provides care and support for the individual as they approach a sober life – ensuring that their schedules are accounted for, the environment is safe and the progress is always moving forward.
  • Outpatient Alcohol Rehab.  When an individual needs to maintain a presence at home during their treatment, be it for work, school or family-related responsibilities, they turn to outpatient alcohol rehab.  These programs allow them to attend alcohol rehab programs during the day – and then return home in the evening.  Although more serious alcoholism cases belong in residential treatment, outpatient rehab still provides an outstanding level of care – with detox and counseling options that do not differ greatly from inpatient treatment.
  • Dual Diagnosis Alcohol Addiction Treatment.  More and more treatment facilities are equipping themselves to better deal with dual diagnosis patients – those with a co-occurring alcohol addiction and mental illness.  Recent statistics have found that there is a significant demand for such facilities – as the percentages of those with alcoholism and depression, anxiety or other mental disorders represents a significant part of the addicted population.
  • Holistic Alcohol Addiction.  In Los Angeles, the majority of alcohol addiction treatment programs offer at least some element of holistic care into their treatment plan.  Holistic addiction treatment for alcoholism can include any number of helpful processes – such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture or nutritional counseling – but always seek the same goal:  to uplift the mind and spirit of the individual so that they are better equipped to achieve sobriety.

Where are all the Los Angeles Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs?

Los Angeles is a huge, diverse city – and alcohol addiction treatment programs can be found throughout the metropolitan area.  There are some parts of the city, such as Santa Monica, Westwood and Beverly Hills which contain the most outpatient alcohol addiction treatment facilities, while Malibu and other scenic locales tend to play home to residential programs.

Moonview Sanctuary is an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment program located in Santa Monica, California.  What makes Moonview unique (and indeed, world-renowned) is the manner in which they blend modern neuro-science and holistic care to create a comprehensive treatment programs that uplifts every aspect of the individual.  For more information about their Addiction Treatment program, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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