Fast Facts about Long Term Drug Treatment

While the majority of drug rehab programs run approximately 30 days, long term drug treatment requires a commitment that can run for many months or even a year. What follows are some vital facts about long term drug treatment, and who is best served by a program of this length.
Long term drug treatment can be either residential or outpatient drug rehab. However, the majority of long-term drug rehab programs are provided by residential facilities.

Long-term programs generally run from three months to a year.

The individuals who take part in long term rehab generally have more serious drug addiction issues that the rest of the population. These are serious program for individual who have serious social and psychological issues associated with their addiction.

Due to the complicated nature of treatment, dual diagnosis patients are often involved with long term drug rehab. Because of the delicate nature of the mental illness component of dual diagnosis, rehab professionals must proceed more deliberately with their treatment. This slowed-down pace leads many dual diagnosis programs to be labeled as long-term drug treatment.

Long term treatment lets the lessons of rehab really sink in
Many people who feel “rushed” through a thirty day rehab program find themselves back out in the world, still unable to cope without drugs. Long term programs provide much more time for the individual to learn how implement drug-free strategies in the outside world.

This is not a program style for everyone Many individuals, even if they would benefit greatly from the program, will not enroll for the long term because they are unable to spend that much time away from their families or careers.

Long-term rehab is highly structured During long-term drug rehab, every day is planned down to the hour. The regimented system of rehab helps recovering addicts regain a sense of order and routine in their life that was shattered by drug use.

Long term drug rehab can be used to overcome addiction to any number of drugs, including:

  • heroin
  • alcohol
  • crystal meth
  • cocaine
  • gambling
  • marijuana
  • prescription painkillers (such as Vicodin and OxyContin) and others

Residential long-term drug rehab creates a kind of mini-society within the program. One of the primary goals of long-term drug rehab is to help individual become more accountable for their actions. And the peer group within the rehab program is used to “test the waters” of accountability. Because everyone is together for such a long period of time, they will learn to trust one another, and develop the societal skills needed when long-term rehab is complete.

Moonview Sanctuary offers individuals a chance to take part in a rehabilitation program that moves at a comfortable pace. Nobody is going to be rushed out the door at Moonview. On the contrary, the expert staff at Moonview Sanctuary works closely with every patient to help them achieve balance, focus and greater self-awareness. The result is an addiction treatment program that gets results, and teach individuals the skills they need to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
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