5 things to know about outpatient alcohol treatment

Five things to know about outpatient alcohol treatment
An intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program offers individuals who have developed a dependence on alcohol an opportunity to get sober and develop the skills required to stay that way. The general population, however, seems to know more about higher-profile residential alcohol rehab programs than the outpatient system.

With that in mind, here are five important facts about outpatient alcohol rehab that everyone should know:
Facts about outpatient alcohol treatment

Fact #1: The primary difference between outpatient and residential programs is whether or not an overnight stay is required

For the most part, the drug treatment itself (and everything it entails) is similar in both residential and outpatient programs. Individuals take part in detox programs, counseling, after-care advice and the like. But in residential care, recovering addicts stay on the premises 24-7, while outpatient programs allow the individual to go home at the end of every day.

Fact #2: Outpatient alcohol treatment is just as effective as residential programs

Many people incorrectly believe that because an individual is allowed to go home at the end of the day that outpatient drug treatment is not as intense or results-oriented as its residential cousin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Individuals who go through intensive outpatient alcohol treatment experience the same challenges and breakthroughs as those in residential care.

Fact #3: There is a still a strong camaraderie born out of outpatient group counseling sessions

During outpatient treatment, group counseling sessions provide the individual with a chance to open up and share stories and experiences about their alcoholism. Many people say that this is the first time they have ever spoken aloud about their drinking problem, and that talking about it is a breakthrough in and of itself. What makes it even more powerful, is sitting next to other people who are going through the same thing. It greatly reduces the isolation many alcoholics feel, and sets in motion a string of positive events on the road to recovery. And again, one need not be in residential treatment to experience this bond. Those in outpatient programs see the same people every day in their group alcohol counseling, so there are many opportunities to form a solid peer group.

Fact #4: Outpatient programs do not always include detox as part of the program

Many outpatient programs offer alcohol detox on site, but other require that the individual arrives for day one having already gone through the detoxification process. Those programs that do not offer alcohol detox will likely have a list of recommended providers in the area for the individual to choose from.

Fact #5: Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment can’t be completed in a couple of days

Beware programs that promise recovery from alcohol addiction can be achieved in just a couple of days. Outpatient alcohol treatment programs that really get results generally run 30 days or longer depending on the severity of the addiction and the specific needs of the individual.

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