10 Activities That Make Holistic Drug Treatment Unique

Upon first glance, holistic drug treatment may seem like trying to treat a very modern problem with very old remedies. But the methodology employed by holistic practitioners centuries ago is still being practiced today because it has stood the test of time over the course of several generations – and continues to provide those who have become addicted to cocaine, marijuana, heroin, painkillers, gambling and other drugs the clarity and spiritual peace needed to focus on their recovery.

Although treatments vary according to the methodology employed by the holistic drug rehab center, here are four of the most common practices found in holistic programs:

Drug rehab is about providing therapy for the addicted individual, and no form of therapy is older and more widely practiced that massage. Like other elements of holistic drug treatment (see below), massage helps ease physical pain associated with drug withdrawal symptoms and provides a sense of peace and calm that allows the mind to focus on something other than drugs (in this case, recovery).

For every person who recoils at the thought of having needles placed around the body, there is another individual who has found great relief as a result of acupuncture treatment. One of the most unique aspects of holistic care, acupuncture provides a soothing, healing feeling when applied by a professional that makes the individual more prepared for treatment. Acupuncture has also been found to reduce withdrawal symptoms when applied to the pain points associated with discomfort due to the lack of the drug in question.

Yoga is all about achieving balance and self-awareness. Through the physical act of yoga, the individual is achieving clarity – which gives them the power to see their drug addiction from a new perspective. This increased state of awareness opens new doors for those with a substance abuse problem, and makes them more receptive to counseling and other forms of treatment. Yoga is also an excellent source of physical exercise – and the better the physical health of the recovering addict, the greater their chances for achieving recovery.

Meditation is the process of attaining a deep state of relaxation so that the individual reaches a higher level of awareness. When utilized in drug treatment, meditation provides a method for blocking out all the negative behaviors and influences associated with drug use – so that the individual can focus solely on recovery.

On a final note, all of the holistic practices described above can have a profound effect on the lives of individuals after they leave drug rehab. For many, yoga, meditation and acupuncture become healthy replacements for the illicit substances to which they were once addicted. These ancient practices promote continued good health and good habits for individuals involved in long term drug treatment aftercare programs and beyond.

Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California combines elements of holistic drug treatment with modern neuroscience to provide individual who are addicted to drugs with a powerful plan for their recovery. Contact Moonview today for more information about their highly-regarded Addiction Treatment program.




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