Holistic Drug Rehab: What You Need to Know

One of the fastest growing forms of drug rehabilitation, holistic drug treatment augments conventional treatment strategies with ancient spiritual practices to effectively treat the mind, body and soul of the individual.

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, holistic-style treatment is an outstanding way to strengthen the entire individual, and master the tools necessary to move forward towards a drug-free life.

Here are several important facts about Holistic Drug Rehab that you should know if you are considering this style of program:


  • Holistic rehabilitation can be used to recover from all types of addictions, including gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, addiction to prescription drugs, alcoholism and more.
  • Counseling plays a crucial role in outpatient drug rehab. Just because the holistic approach involves non-traditional methods for recovery doesn’t mean that proven-successful treatments are not utilized as well. Those enrolled in a holistic care facility can expect to get help through individual and group counseling, along with self-help programs.
  • Yoga and Tai-Chi play roles in holistic programs as well. In addition to helping the individual become more physically fit, the Eastern-based disciplines also provide a proper balance between mind, body and spirit. When one achieves this balance, they are much more likely to respond well to treatment for the drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Holistic drug rehab emphasizes calmness. The life of a drug addict is filled with stress and chaos. A great deal of anxiety and nervousness stem from the long term physical effects of drugs, as well as the constant search for the next “high”. The holistic approach to long term drug treatment reintroduces peace and calm into the lives of the recovering drug addict, helping them see things more clearly as they put the pieces of their life back together.
  • Holistic drug rehab introduces elements of massage, mindfulness practice, meditation and other relaxation techniques into the recovery process.
  • A holistic approach includes a focus on diet and nutrition, specifically improving the diet as a means of strengthening the mind and spirit – and consequently improving the individual’s ability to make it through drug rehab successfully. By improving nutrition, the holistic approach hopes to restore the brain to its highest levels of functioning.
  • The removal of negative thinking and negative influences from the individual are at the core of many holistic programs. The absence of these negative things helps clear the way for a drug-free life.
  • Many holistic drug rehab programs ask participants to submit to a higher power. By doing so, they are admitting that they do not have all the answers. This admission makes the individual more receptive to treatment.
  • Holistic treatment is not for everybody. An individual must be open to the concepts adhered to in these programs. They must accept the connection of mind, body and spirit in order for the program to have maximum effectiveness.

Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California combines cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient holistic and spiritual care techniques. The result is a ground-breaking program that has helped countless individuals break free from the cycle of drug addiction. Moonview treats those suffering from drug addiction as individuals, not just as groups of symptoms in need of treatment. Contact Moonview today for more information about their remarkable “Addiction Treatment ” program.




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