The growing need for gambling addiction treatment

While many people are able to enjoy a game of cards, or even a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas with friends without repercussions, millions of individuals undertake these activities at great risk. To those with a gambling addiction, there is no such thing as a casual foray into any form of betting.

Compulsive gamblers are growing in number every day. In fact, itis believed that more than 3 million people in the United States alone are currently addicted to gambling. And that number is growing.

There are several reasons for the rise in gambling addiction, several of which are outlined below. It is interesting to note the role that our own government has played in the development of some of these root causes.
Factors causing a rise in gambling addiction

Online gambling
Although recent legislation (the Kyl Bill) has more or less eliminated online gaming for U.S. residents (by keeping credit card companies from taking payments for online gambling sites) many believe that the cat is already out of the bag in terms of gambling over the Internet. Experts believe that eventually people in the U.S. will find a way to circumvent the restrictions, or that all the new gambling addicts created online will simply find other ways to feed their compulsion.

More casinos
Up until recently, if an individual in the United States wanted to gamble at a casino, there was only Las Vegas, Atlantic City and a few random riverboats scattered throughout the Midwest and the deep South to choose from. Now, there are Native American casinos in a large number of U.S. States, and most Americans are a short drive from a gambling opportunity. This is bad news for compulsive gamblers – who will certainly not benefit from this added access.

State-sponsored lotteries
In an effort to raise money for everything from public schools to highway off-ramps, many state governments have turned to the ultimate quick fix: the lottery. While many state lotteries do fill the budget coffers, they also take their toll on those who become addicted to playing their numbers and scratching instant play tickets. In addition, manipulative advertising campaigns help make the player seem like he is making a bad decision if he doesn’t play the game.

College kids
A large portion of the online gambling boom was fueled by college kids, away from home for the first time with new credit cards in tow. They played poker online and gambling in sports books in Antigua and Costa Rica. And more than that, the amount of sports betting on campus has grown at alarming rates over the past several years.

To many, gambling is not seen as a serious problem. The expert counselors at Moonview Sanctuary addiction treatment center however, have seen first-hand the devastation gambling addiction can cause individuals and their families. Through a series of powerful medical and holistic programs, Moonview helps individuals defeat their gambling addiction, and gives them the skills and peace-of-mind needed to live a life free of their former compulsion. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Addiction Treatment program.




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