Types of Drug Intervention Programs

Drug intervention programs are an effort by concerned friends and family members to help the individual in question get help for their drug addiction.  Held in a “safe” environment, with an intervention professional present, a group of people will talk to the individual in a non-confrontational manner, and describe the ways in which their drug addiction is affecting not only themselves but the people in their life as well.

Once a drug intervention program is complete, the idea is to get that individual into an addiction treatment program as soon as possible.  This will keep the momentum going, and reduce the chance that the individual will change their mind about going into drug rehab.

What are the different types of drug intervention programs?

While most people associate drug interventions with friends and family members, there are actually several different types of intervention programs, including:

Corporate Drug Interventions

Corporate drug interventions (also known as “workplace interventions”) are held by the employer and/or co-workers of the drug addicted individual.  These types of intervention focus on the ways the individual’s drug use has affected the productivity and cohesiveness of the team.  While many people think that an employer is more likely to fire an employee with a drug addiction than hold an intervention, that is not always the case.  If the individual is a long-time, trusted member of the company, it may be a smarter, more compassionate decision to get them the help they need and bring them back to work, as opposed to letting them go and then spending the money and effort to hire and train a new employee.

Family Drug Interventions

As the saying goes, “nobody knows you like family”, which makes family drug interventions one of the most effective ways of getting an individual into a drug addiction treatment program.   Those who are involved with a family drug intervention must proceed with caution however, as there may be tension because of past events among parents, brother and sisters.    Where there are families there are also family histories which may make the individual with the addiction more defensive during the process.  An intervention professional can help families hold effective drug interventions that stay in a “positive place”, and get the desired results.

Teen Drug Interventions

Like family interventions, teen drug interventions can be a mine-field of potential conflict.  Teenagers are, by nature, independent and resistant to input regarding their lives.  And having a sensitive topic like drug use be addressed by parents and siblings can bring about a significant amount of tension and resistance.  Again, professional interventionists know how teens think, and have been through enough meetings with teenagers and their families to help prepare for almost anything.

Moonview Sanctuary offers employers, friends and family members the guidance and support they need to get the individual they care about into a drug rehab program.  Moonview can help with everything from choosing a location to deciding what needs to be said in order to help the individual truly understand the depth of their problem.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Addiction Treatment programs.




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