What happens after drug addiction treatment?

While everyone’s experience post-rehab is different, there are many common challenges facing those who complete a drug addiction treatment program as they re-enter the real world.

Challenges faced after drug addiction treatment

Temptation – When drug rehab is over, the individual must return to their home environment.  This can present a serious challenge if the old neighborhood is populated by former drug contacts or peer groups with whom drug were used in the past.    Overcoming addiction means developing new habits and activities – and of course, making better decisions.

Rebuilding relationships - During periods of drug addiction, individuals will do anything or say anything in order to get more drugs.  This usually leads to the kind of lies and deception that destroy relationships.  When an individual returns home after rehab, he or she must face these people again, and begin to rebuild the relationships that were damaged by their addictive behavior.  12 –step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous provide guidance for making amends with wronged friends or family members.

Career development -- While addicted to drugs, many individuals lose their money, their job and their direction in life.  They may leave rehab clean and sober, but how will they make a living if the only thing they have done for the past several years was get high?  To help these individuals get back on track, many drug addiction treatment centers feature full educational programs on site.  Recovering addicts can then develop useful skill sets or even obtain college credit while going through rehab.

Changes to diet -- When an individual is addicted to drugs, eating right is the last thing on their mind.  During long stretches of drug use, the addicted individual rarely eats a balanced meal, or makes sure that their bodies are getting all the right vitamins and minerals. Many drug rehab centers employ full-time nutritionists to help recovering addicts prepare for life after addiction treatment by showing them how to shop and make better decisions about food.

A need to get fit – Much like their diet, a drug addicted individual’s general health has likely suffered as a result of their substance abuse.  Proper exercise provides a path good health, and a positive behavior to replace drug use in the individual’s daily routine.

How to avoid relapse after drug addiction treatment

By engaging in after care programs recommended or provided by the drug addiction treatment center, the recovering drug addict can learn the valuable skills they need to start their lives anew.  Attend 12-step program meetings, going to follow-up counseling sessions, eating right, exercising and making better decisions in the face of temptation all help the individual avoid relapse into drug abuse.

Moonview Sanctuary understands how challenging life after drug addiction treatment can be.  And with that in mind, the aftercare programs at Moonview help strengthen the mind, body and spirit of the individual so that they can enjoy their new life – without fear of relapse.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California for more information about their outstanding Addiction Treatment programs.




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