Elements of Drug Addiction Psychotherapy

When an individual has completed drug rehab, and therefore addressed the physical aspect of drug addiction, it is time to focus on the mind.  Since most experts agree that addiction begins in the brain, the psychotherapy that the recovering addict undergoes will play the most significant role in their treatment.   Psychotherapy may be a process that the individual has never experienced before, but they will soon learn than the time they spend in counseling each day results in real change and improvement.

There are three primary aspects of drug addiction psychotherapy which take place at almost every reputable drug rehab facility in the United States: individual counseling, group counseling and aftercare.

Individual Counseling and Drug Addiction Psychotherapy

When an individual becomes situated in a addiction treatment center, one of the first steps they will take is to sit down and gets to know their counselor.  During the individual counseling sessions, the individual will have a chance to open up and share information about their drug addiction.  Some of the topics that will be covered during individual counseling include:

  • The root causes of the drug addiction
  • The “triggers” for continued drug use
  • Solutions and better decision-making processes moving forward.

Group Counseling Sessions and Drug Addiction Psychotherapy

Group counseling is one of the most unique and powerful elements of drug addiction psychotherapy.  In group counseling, the individual meets not only with a drug addiction counselor, but a group of their fellow recovering addicts as well.  During these sessions, everyone in the meeting is given a chance to talk openly and honestly about their drug addiction history and concerns for the future.

What makes group counseling such a special experience?  For many individuals, it is the first time they have EVER discussed their addiction with other people.  Just the opportunity to get important issues off their chest adds value to the sessions- but when it happens in front of understanding people who are going through similar circumstances, it can lead to real breakthroughs.

The Importance of Aftercare Programs

An individual who completes drug addiction treatment is to be commended on the accomplishment.  However, outside the walls of the treatment facility lay an entirely new set of challenges for the recovering addict as they face old neighborhoods, familiar temptations and the lost trust of friends and loved ones. 

To help individuals prepare for “life on the outside” there are aftercare programs.  An essential part of the psychotherapy process, aftercare helps provide answers regarding how to respond in particular situations and the best way to improve decision making regarding elements of potential relapse.

Aftercare programs also offer the individual a chance to prepare for advancement in education and career – two areas that likely suffered as a result of the individual’s drug addiction.

Moonview Sanctuary is an outpatient drug treatment center located in Santa Monica, California.  The patients at Moonview get a chance to engage in all the major types of psychotherapy, each one designed to elicit the most positive results.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today and ask about their Addiction Treatment programs.




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