Day Treatment Programs for Drug Addiction

In an ideal situation, every individual who suffers from a drug addiction would be able to put their lives on hold and enter into a residential drug treatment program for as long as it takes to get well.  In reality however, even those individuals who need help the most must consider certain realities about their rehab plan - including commitments to family, work, school or personal finances.  To help maintain the normality of an individual’s life during drug addiction treatment, there is the day treatment program.

What are day treatment programs for drug addiction?

Day treatment programs offer outpatient drug rehab for individuals who wish to break the cycle of addiction but are unable to attend a residential treatment program.  Day treatment programs for drug addiction include drug detox, individual drug counseling, group drug counseling and other programs designed to help treat the physical and psychological components of addiction. 

What types of addictions can be treated in day treatment?

Day treatment rehab facilities are well-equipped to handle almost any drug addiction, including: heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, addiction to prescription painkillers and more.  The experts at these facilities understand the differences between the various types of drug addictions, and provide individualized treatment that is most appropriate for that individual’s condition.

What are the benefits of day treatment programs for drug addiction?

There are some significant advantages to taking part in a day treatment program (as opposed to a residential drug treatment program), including:

  • The ability to keep working or stay in school.  Although time will be at a premium due to the demands of the rehab program, the individual in a day treatment facility does have the ability to maintain a presence at work or school during the process (while residential rehab requires the individual to live onsite for an extended period of time).
  • The ability to be near family and friends.  For many people, family and loved ones represent an essential support structure during drug addiction treatment.  For these individuals, day treatment is the best choice because at the end of the evening, everyone is free to return home.
  • Convenience.  Most day treatment centers can be found in locations that are more convenient than residential facilities (which tend to be in more remote settings).  Individuals who attend day treatment can often reach the center via short car trip or even public transportation.

Dual diagnosis and day treatment

Individuals who suffer from a dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental illness and addiction) need special care because of their delicate mental and physical health.  Not every day treatment facility offers the comprehensive, integrated care that the dual diagnosis patient needs to achieve recovery.  Individuals with a dual diagnosis are urged to check with their facility before admission to determine their capability in this regard.

Moonview Sanctuary is a day treatment drug addiction treatment facility located in Santa Monica, California.  The caring professionals at Moonview have developed an outstanding record of success treating individuals suffering with drug addictions - literally helping them start their lives anew.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.





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