Tips for corporate drug intervention strategies

A is one of the most important things that one person can do for another who has fallen deep into the cycle of substance abuse and dependence.  Most people associate drug interventions with friends and family of the individual in question, but there is another group of concerned people who commonly call for such a meeting:  employers and co-workers of the drug addict.

Corporate drug interventions held by employers and co-workers are often just as powerful as those planned by friends and family.   They also benefit the company as well, considering that drug-free employees are more productive, miss less work time and are much less likely to injure themselves on the job.  In addition, the cost of holding an intervention and seeing an employee through rehab and back to good health is almost always less than the cost of firing that individual and re-training a new employee.

The following is a series of helpful tips for any individual who is considering a workplace drug intervention for their friend and co-worker.

Tips for a successful workplace intervention

Consult a professional.  The first step in any drug intervention should always be to contact a professional interventionist.  These highly skilled individuals will help insure that the intervention is safe and productive for everyone concerned.

Consult with your employer.  There may liability issues to consider regarding a corporate intervention, especially if it is being held on company property.

Create a plan of action. Co-workers should outline the items they wish to cover in the intervention.  They should also work closely with the interventionist to determine who will be the “voice” of the session.  Having several people talking over one another is counterproductive during the intervention.

 Get together with the team before the intervention.  Before a workplace intervention, it is highly recommended that all participants gather for a “dress rehearsal” to discuss who will say what, and that everyone is on the same page in terms of goals for the session.

Find a drug rehab program before the intervention.  If the intervention goes as planned, the individual should be taken to a drug rehab facility immediately following the meeting.  Researching appropriate drug treatment programs in advance of the intervention will help the individual end up in a program that best meets their needs.

Remember to stay positive and non-confrontational.   There may be many individuals present at the corporate intervention who have been hurt, or feel wronged by the person with the drug addiction.  An intervention is NOT the time to vent about one’s feeling, but is held solely for the purpose of showing the individual that they do indeed have a problem. Later, during 12-step programs and other after-care processes, the individual will be given an opportunity to make amends.


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