Confidential drug treatment centers and your privacy

When celebrities and high-profile business leaders from around the world find themselves in the grips of drug or alcohol addiction, they turn to private drug treatment centers to get the help they need, and seek to do so while maintaining their privacy. But an individual does not have to be famous to want to maintain their anonymity during the drug rehab process. That’s why the drug treatment centers with the best reputations take great care to protect the privacy of their guests.

There are several things every individual should know about confidential drug rehab and their privacy before checking in.

Privacy is of the utmost importance
An addiction treatment center will always go to great lengths to protect the privacy of those in its care. That means keeping medical records confidential and never sharing the names of past or present patients with a third party.

Customization is key
Effective rehab programs will customize their treatment program in an effort to best serve the individual needs of those struggling with an addiction. That’s good practice. However, when it comes to admission into the program or the day-to-day process of rehab, expect that everyone will be treated the same. There are few “special privileges” for those in an addiction treatment center. By stripping down the socio-economic standing of an individual, the program tries to help them see that they are just like everyone else – with the same sets of challenges and hurdles to overcome.

Respecting the privacy of the others
Finding support from your peer group is one of the most important aspects of counseling. Group counseling sessions are they first time many people have ever opened up to another person about their addiction. That being said, maintaining anonymity inside (and outside) of the program is of the utmost importance. An individual should never share information they learned about a fellow patient with someone in the outside world. In order for the counseling to work as intended, this privacy must be maintained.

The benefits of outpatient drug treatment
Long, unexplained absences are an unavoidable part of long term drug treatment. Unfortunately, this also is likely to raise questions about the whereabouts of the individual – making it hard to maintain the private nature of rehab. An outpatient drug rehab program, such as the one found at Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California, helps individuals maintain the normal “flow” of their daily lives, by allowing them to return home in the evening after the day’s programs are complete. While there still may be some absences from work or school which need to be explained, the ability to tend to life’s routines means that the individual stands a better chance of maintaining their privacy with outpatient drug treatment.

Moonview Sanctuary understands the importance of privacy, and works hard to maintain the anonymity of all its residents. Individuals come from all over the country to take part in Moonview’s highly-regarded Addiction Treatment program. This outpatient treatment plan utilizes a combination of the latest in cutting edge treatment types and traditional, holistic medicine to achieve wellness and complete recovery from addiction. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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