The Importance Of Counseling During Confidential Drug Rehab

Entering a confidential drug rehab center can be a scary experience. Many people are unsure of what to expect, or don’t understand how the treatment program is going to help them overcome their drug addiction. One of the most crucial, yet misunderstood, aspects of holistic drug rehab is counseling.

Many people believe that drug rehab counseling is nothing more than people sitting around with a cup of coffee, talking about their problems. This misunderstanding does not give the proper credit to the importance of counseling and what it can help the individual achieve.

There are two main types of confidential drug treatment counseling: individual and group.

Individual Counseling

Individual drug rehab counseling takes place when the individual meets one-on-one with a specialized counselor who has experience treating those with addictions. During individual counseling, the counselor will allow the individual to tell his or her story with drug addiction. During this time, the counselor will be taking notes with the intention of completing a story about the individual that provides insight into why they began using drugs and how they came to become addicted.

The counselor will use this information to help address the root causes of the individual’s drug addiction. By looking at the decisions that the individual has made over time, the counselor will be able to help craft a plan-of-action for the individual, where he or she handles their life differently.

For example, if an individual may tell the counselor that she began using heroin because all her friends did, and that she did not want to feel left out. The counselor will use this information to learn about the individual’s self-esteem issues, and how she has acted historically in front of a peer group.

The next step will be to identify situations where the individual used drugs, and try to find alternative to those actions. So for example, if the woman used heroin and cocaine every time she went to a particular club, the counselor will begin to suggest alternatives to that behavior. Perhaps the counselor will give the individual an action to take every time she feels like she is going to succumb to temptation and visit the club again.

Together, the counselor and the patient will craft new strategies for healthier living. They will role-play and work through exercises designed to change the way the recovering addict thinks about life.

Group Counseling

Group counseling in drug rehab is similar to individual counseling, except that it takes place in front of other individuals enrolled in the drug intervention program, and is moderated by a counselor. One of the major benefits of group counseling is the chance to share stories and experiences with other individuals who are going through many of the same things. For many people, this is the first time they have EVER spoken aloud about their drug addiction, and doing it in front of people who care and understand is quite cathartic. Many individuals report they miss group counseling after rehab is over because of the camaraderie they experienced with fellow recovering addicts.

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