What to know about cocaine and cocaine addiction treatment

What you should know about cocaine addiction treatment
Every day, thousands of people use cocaine for the first time. For many of them, this will be the beginning of a highly destructive journey that ends with serious health issues, the collapse of the family unit, and potentially, death.

But for those who are able to confront their cocaine addiction, and are committed to getting help before it is too late, there is cocaine addiction treatment. Treatment for cocaine addiction can take many forms, but there are some universal truths to the process that individuals would be well served to understand before choosing a drug intervention program.

What follows are some things that everyone should know about cocaine addiction and holistic drug treatment:

Cocaine is highly addictive
Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Every day, thousands of people develop a dependence on the stimulant, and almost 20% of those who use the drug casually become addicted.

Watch for the warning signs of cocaine addiction
Those with an addiction to cocaine are unlikely to admit that they have a problem and seek treatment on their own. It is therefore up to family and friends to get the individual from the denial/secretive stage of their addiction and into an addiction treatment center. But in order to do so, they must first know the warning signs of cocaine addiction, which include: irritability, mood swings, stealing, unexplained absences, problems with relationships, anxiety attacks, work performance issues, school performance issues and other problems.

Detoxification is crucial
The first step in cocaine addiction treatment must be detoxification. Until drug detox is complete (and the harmful toxins associated with the drug are still in the system) the rehab process can’t truly begin. As long as there are toxins present, the chance of relapse remains high. Although the individual will likely experience withdrawal symptoms during detox, it is still an essential hurdle to clear.

Psychological dependence must be overcome
Cocaine is a highly addictive drug from a psychological point of view. Once the physical dependence on the drug is complete, the battle to win over the mind still remains. Overcoming the psychological addiction to cocaine involves counseling, changing behaviors and educating the individual as to how to make better decisions.

After-care is an important element in treating cocaine addiction
Once the individual completes cocaine rehab, there is still work to do. Reentering mainstream society carries with it a series of challenges, as the individual must avoid relapse, reestablish trust with those close to them, and generally learn to make better decisions. After-care programs, whether they come in the form of Narcotics Anonymous groups or continued professional counseling help insure that these things happen, and the recovering addict stays focused and successful.

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