Detox and cocaine addiction treatment

Detox is a crucial part of the cocaine rehab process.  In fact, real rehab cannot begin until detoxification from cocaine use is complete.  Why?  The reason is that detox is the process of the removing all the harmful toxins found in cocaine from the body.  Until all these harmful toxins are gone, there is a good chance that relapse may occur – and the effort of the cocaine rehab program will be derailed.

So what does cocaine detox entail?  And why do so many addiction experts recommend that it take place under the supervision of a medical professional?  The answer is withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms occur when an individual stops taking cocaine.  The body, which has grown accustomed to the stimulation provided by the cocaine, begins to act adversely and create the symptoms of withdrawal.

Common cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Insomnia – Those going through cocaine withdrawal report experiencing many sleepless nights in the days following their last dose.
  • Anxiety – Individuals who experience cocaine withdrawal are likely to be anxious and irritable during this period.
  • Craving – Obviously, one of the most common withdrawal symptoms is a tremendous craving for the cocaine itself.  This is why many people relapse into cocaine use during withdrawal.
  • Fatigue – Cocaine tricks the body into believing that it has more energy than it actually does.  When the cocaine is not present, individuals generally come crashing back down to earth.
  • Depression – Another common cocaine withdrawal symptom is depression, especially with those who are predisposed for such a mental condition to begin with.  Feelings of shame and hopelessness can overwhelm the individual who has taken their last dose of cocaine and must now face life without the drug.

How long does cocaine detox take to complete?

 Although the specific amount of time varies according to the individual, cocaine detox usually lasts between five to fourteen days.  This period may be longer or shorter, depending on the depth of the addiction and the length of time the individual was using cocaine on a regular basis.

Where does detox take place?

While some outpatient drug rehab and residential drug rehab programs will require the individual to show up on “Day One” having already gone through detox, most treatment centers provide detoxification services on site. 

The important of cocaine detox

As mentioned above, the bulk of the rehab process cannot begin until detox is complete.  Detox is the physical component of recovery, and until the body is adjusted to life without cocaine, counselors cannot go to work on the mind.   Completing cocaine detox also represents an important accomplishment for the recovering addict.  Think about it:  only days before detox began, the drug addict could not envision a life without cocaine.  Now they have stop using and are working on the skills to stay clean for the rest of their lives.

For help with cocaine detox, and the challenges it presents, contact Moonview Sanctuary.  The outpatient detox and rehab professionals at Moonview can help people with even the most serious cocaine addiction break free from the bonds of substance abuse and enjoy a healthy, spiritual and fulfilling life.




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