California OxyContin Addiction

California OxyContin addiction has become one of the biggest problems facing the drug rehab community in the state.    Many have been taken by surprise by the addictive nature of the medication – and the rate at which people are becoming addicted and overdosing on this powerful prescription painkiller.

What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is an opiate-based prescription painkiller that emits its active ingredients over time (usually a 24 hour period).  When OxyContin was first introduced to the public, many saw the time-release nature of the drug as a tremendous breakthrough in the field of pain management.  No longer would someone suffering from severe pain need to take several doses of the medication every day in order to manage their discomfort.  Because of the time-release system of OxyContin, one pill would do the work of several Vicodin or other prescription pain medications.

The Problem with OxyContin Abuse and OxyContin Addiction

The trouble with OxyContin began when individuals began abusing the drug by crushing it up and snorting it, or mixing it with a liquid and injecting it.  California emergency rooms began to fill up with these individuals – and at first doctors were unable to figure out why.  Then they discovered that by injecting or snorting OxyContin, the individuals were receiving ALL of the active ingredient at once.  This provided a powerful rush, but also gave individuals a dose that was difficult to handle.  The result was many deaths and a tremendous amount of bad press surrounding the drug – which would become known to many as “hillbilly heroin.”

California OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Through the Golden State there are a number of outstanding California OxyContin drug addiction treatment programs.  These residential and outpatient facilities help individuals overcome the powerful nature of this opiate addiction.   There are several elements to opiate addiction treatment which can be found in most California rehab centers, including:

  • Detox.  Opiate detox gives the body a chance to cleanse itself of the toxins found in OxyContin, heroin, Vicodin or even opium itself.  During the detox process, the individual may experience strong withdrawal symptoms, but there are always medical and psychiatric professionals available to help them through.
  • Counseling.  Many drug addiction treatment programs will feature both group and individual counseling as part of their process.  These programs are designed to help the individual overcome the psychological nature of addiction by assessing the root causes of the problem – and helping the individual solve those problems at the source by coming to terms with their mental health and behavior issues.
  • Holistic care.  Common in California drug treatment is the element of holistic rehab care.  Holistic programs include yoga, meditation and other means of achieving spiritual enlightenment that helps the individual better focus on their recovery.

Moonview Sanctuary is an outpatient drug facility located in Santa Monica, California.  The treatment programs at Moonview have helped countless California residents achieve sobriety and overcome OxyContin addiction.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Addiction Treatment programs.




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