Finding California Gambling Addiction Treatment

The past decade has seen a tremendous spike in legalized gambling in California.  New Native American Casino, Los Angeles poker rooms and even addition California State Lottery games have all made it easier than ever to find and engage in betting activity.

What is not as easy to find is proper gambling addiction treatment for those residents of California for whom this activity has become a compulsion.   It is only in recent years that addiction treatment programs which once focused exclusively on alcohol and drug addiction are now turning their attention to California’s growing gambling problem.

What is California Gambling Addiction Treatment?

Gambling addiction treatment programs help individuals who are unable to control their gambling and have seen their life suffer as a result.  Individuals who enter gambling addiction treatment will receive counseling regarding the reasons why they engage in the behavior and then receive strategies that can be employed every day in order to refrain from the unwanted gambling activity.  Gambling addiction treatment programs similar to drug rehab programs in that they help the individual understand that they will need to think and act differently for the rest of their lives in order to succeed.

Where Can Individuals Find California Gambling Addiction Treatment?

The good news regarding gambling addiction treatment in California is that more and more facilities that once specialized in only drug and alcohol rehab are now adding compulsive gambling treatment onto their list of services.  Individuals are urged to contact addiction treatment facilities in their area and ask whether or not they offer gambling treatment programs.

Currently, most California gambling addiction treatment programs can be found in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.  It is more common to find these facilities in areas where casinos are within a short drive (which, given the growth of legalized gambling is becoming more and more common).

Helping Someone Find Treatment for Compulsive Gambling

Like other addictions, the individual involved is unlikely to admit that they have a problem until it is too late.  Therefore, it is up to family and friends to not only intervene in the situation, but help that person locate proper treatment.  As a result, interventions for gambling problems - similar to drug interventions - are becoming more and more common.

Why is Gambling Addiction Treatment so Important?

Many of those in the general public do not see gambling addiction as a problem on par with alcoholism or drug addiction.  And while, for the most part, an individual’s physical health is not in danger while in the clutches of a gambling addiction, the problem still has the power to destroy finances, strain trust and disintegrate the mental health of the individual.

Moonview Sanctuary offers gambling addiction treatment from their outpatient facility located in Santa Monica, California.   The counselors at the Moonview Addiction Treatment program are well-versed in the area of compulsive gambling and can help develop solutions for those who are seeing their family life and finances tumble out of control.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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