Finding California Drug Therapy Centers

When an individual develops a drug addiction or substance abuse problem, they can’t make a full recovery without professional help.  For many people that help comes in the form of drug therapy programs.

Drug therapy programs offer individuals with an addiction to cocaine, crystal meth, prescription painkillers, heroin or other substances a place to get serious about their recovery.  Working closely with drug counselors, the individual who enters therapy is able to assess the triggers of the drug use and  develop strategies to help them get well and stay that way.

Determine the type of Drug Therapy that meets your needs

There are many different types of drug therapy centers.  Individuals are urged to learn about the different holistic drug treatment styles and program formats before making a decision.  A good place to start is by understanding the difference between outpatient and residential drug therapy centers.

California is home to a large number of outpatient drug therapy programs.  A t these facilities, the individual will engage in individual counseling and group counseling – both essential parts of drug therapy that treat the roots causes of addiction and build better decision-making skills and other disciplines to help that person stay clean.  In an outpatient drug rehab program, the individual takes part in therapy during the day, then returns home or to a sober living facility in the evening.

Residential drug therapy offers many of the same programs found in outpatient programs, but the individual actually lives at the center for the duration of the treatment program.  Residential treatment is recommended for those individuals who need a place to focus solely on their long term drug treatment, or have a problem serious enough that it requires round-the-clock supervision from therapists and medical professionals.

Where are The California Drug Therapy Centers?

Because California is such a large state, drug therapy centers can found anywhere there is sufficiently large population to support them.  This includes major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento.  Also, many California drug therapy facilities are located in remote settings, away from the hustle and bustle of busy life.  In coastal towns such as Big Sur and Malibu or the desert of Palm Springs, there are residential treatment facilities that are known throughout the world for their progressive treatment styles and high success rates.

Ask a drug therapy counselor

One of the best ways to find a California drug therapy center is to ask a qualified therapist their opinion.  A therapist or counselor does not necessarily need to be an addiction expert to provide good information.  Most have a comprehensive network of drug therapy programs in the area and direct the individual to qualified program.

Moonview Sanctuary offers California drug therapy for the individual who is committed to making change for the better in his or her life.  The top-flight drug addiction therapists know how to treat the individual as a whole, not only helping them overcome their existing problem, but giving them the life skills they need to excel in the “real world.”  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Addiction Treatment program.




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