Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment

When most people think about alcohol treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is Alcoholics Anonymous.   And while this worldwide network of support has helped millions of people around the world maintain sobriety, it is far from the only form of alcohol addiction treatment.

The following represents other options besides 12-step programs as well as the components of addiction treatment that must precede AA in order for it to be a factor in the lives of recovering alcoholics.

What are the Different Types of Non-12-Step Alcohol Treatment?

  • Therapy and Counseling.  The core of many alcohol addiction treatment programs is counseling.  During individual and group counseling sessions, the individual is given a chance to open up about the origins of their drinking problem, share with other recovering alcoholics, and most importantly find solutions for achieving sobriety and living a sober life.
  • Alcohol detox.  Although detoxification is not a “stand alone” form of alcohol treatment (it must be completed in conjunction with other elements of alcohol rehab) it does play an incredibly vital role in the process.  Detox helps the individual overcome their physical addiction to alcohol – and although some withdrawal symptoms may occur – it represents the first step towards cleansing one’s self of alcohol.
  • Holistic addiction treatment.  Many alcoholics enjoy benefits from holistic care that include yoga, massage therapy and even acupuncture.  These activities enrich the body and the spirit – giving the individual the strength and balance they need to overcome addiction.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment.  Individuals who concurrently suffer from alcohol addiction and mental illness are known as dual diagnosis patients.  These individuals are advised to enter special care programs in order to receive help from both psychiatric professionals and addiction treatment counselors.
  • Sober Living.  Another element of alcohol treatment that serves as a part of the bigger rehab picture, sober living facilities provide the individual with a place to ease back into the world without drugs or alcohol.  Sober living homes help provide a safe place to heal as well as a support network of other recovering addicts.

Are 12-step Programs Right for Everyone?

Although recovering addicts from around the world have maintained their sobriety with the help of their peers in AA, the program is not necessarily the right choice for every individual.  Many people are unable to get comfortable with the idea of a “higher power” and will therefore never truly gain a benefit from the core ideals of the programs.   Others however, are able to take away certain benefits from the 12-step programs that really speak to them, including:  sponsorship, camaraderie, accountability and support.

Moonview Sanctuary is an alcohol treatment facility located in Santa Monica, California.  Individuals who come to Moonview’s Addiction Treatment programs are treated to a unique combination of holistic practices and cutting edge science.  The result is a powerful, results-driven treatment style that combines the best of both worlds.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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