1.     Do you have programs other than the 1 year program?
2.     Would I stay at Moonview Sanctuary during my treatment?
3.     Are all the programs the same?
4.     Do you accept insurance?
5.     Do your programs involve group therapy?
6.     Are Moonview programs private and confidential?

1.    Yes. Moonview offers 3-day intensives as well as weekly and monthly programs.
2.    No. Moonview is a non-residential program. There are many fine hotels in the vicinity to accommodate our clients during treatment.
3.    No. Each Moonview program is customized based on the needs of an individual.
4.     No. All Moonview services are private pay but financing may be available.
5.    No. All Moonview programs provide individual one-on-one treatment.
6.    Yes. To protect confidentiality, clients do not interact with each other and all practitioners sign confidentiality agreements. Information about a client's treatment will not be disclosed without a signed release.